Shaping Society


Research into communities and societies by Alliance universities is making a great contribution to our cultural and intellectual well-being. As well as helping us understand our heritage and culture, our research is also exploring the nature of the communities in which we live, and the kind of society we want for the future.

The power of Alliance universities’ excellent research is helping to shape society – particularly through partnerships and collaborations with decision-makers, politicians and community groups that seek to increase the effective delivery of public services and the welfare state, influence international aid and foreign policy and improve community cohesion.

Alliance universities are providing invaluable insight into cultural life. Through important work on conserving arts heritage and different aspects of identity they are enriching and informing society for the future.

Our research impacts on us all – from protecting victims of press abuses and introducing poetry, dance and theatre genres to new audiences.  It is also increasing life chances and educational opportunities for people who feel excluded from learning, and through study of historical fascism revealing deeper insights into what motivates people to carry out terrorist atrocities today. Alliance research leads to lasting benefits for the whole of society.

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