Growing Industries


Our fast-changing world means innovation is crucial to succeeding in the global economy. Businesses across all industries depend on cutting-edge research that will allow them to compete and deliver the products and services their customers demand.

Ground-breaking research at Alliance universities is helping business and industry partners translate new knowledge into innovative products and services destined for domestic and worldwide markets. Our researchers also collaborate with business partners to develop new strategies, management styles and methods of production to boost competitiveness.

Alongside this rich source of knowledge and new perspectives, Alliance universities offer a fertile environment to incubate and support entrepreneurial students, graduates and spin-out companies that are translating ideas and excellent research into new ventures.

Research into turbocharger engines in collaboration with businesses is creating and securing local jobs. Work transforming the design of braking technology to cut turbulence is increasing sales, while improvements in abrasive machining are saving costs for manufacturers.

Alliance universities are driving growth regionally and nationally, helping to strengthen the UK’s economy and boosting UK-wide competitiveness.

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