HEPI: The challenge of making TEF-lite work

HEPI logoThe Higher Education Policy Institute has published a write up of our event ‘Building the Teaching Excellence Framework‘ on their website.

“The University Alliance hosted a stimulating event to discuss the threats and opportunities of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) earlier today. Not only were there platform speeches from senior people from HEFCE, BIS, Coventry University and the University of South Wales, there was even an interview with a real live student (often notable by their absence from the list of speakers at such events), which was conducted by Maddalaine Ansell, the University Alliance’s newish Chief Executive.

Sadly, the half-day session did not solve the problem of how to devise a TEF that is effective, fair, non-bureaucratic, responsive, cheap and all the other things it needs to be. But then it was never going to do that. It is a challenge that will take years rather than hours to resolve…”

To read the full post visit HEPI here.

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