Graduate recruitment: Work-based learning embeds practical skills into studies

istock creative start up team innovative copy 3The University of Greenwich has offered work-based learning with Degree Apprenticeship-like characteristics for many years.  It currently has 300 part-time students studying on day release courses fully funded by their employers.

The university has a commitment to CPD and embedding degree studies into practical study and industry. For example, it has developed a suite of programmes for the Royal School of Military Engineering including a Foundation Degree to sit alongside intensive work based training. The curriculum was designed in such a way that it would mesh seamlessly with the work students were undertaking in the army.

Greenwich is also working with Ford on the delivery of a Degree Apprenticeship. This is designed to meet specific skills gaps identified at Ford.

In addition to the core courses required to ensure the specialist integrity of the programme, the Higher / Degree Apprenticeship will involve Ford specific accredited work-based learning/training. The Higher / Degree Apprentice programmes are aimed at candidates who are interested in mechanical/electrical engineering practices or IT.

The degree elements of the programme will be delivered at the University of Greenwich one day a week.  In addition to this, there will be supplementary learning and work-based projects undertaken during training placements.

Extensive consultation with senior management at Ford informed the development, design and delivery of this Higher / Degree Apprenticeship programme. This enables it to meets the academic requirements and allows for progression to registration as a Professional Engineer and ongoing professional development (IT).

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