University Alliance welcomes Sir Paul Nurse’s review of the UK Research Councils ‘Ensuring a successful UK research endeavour’

In response to the Sir Paul Nurse’s review of the Research Councils, Maddalaine Ansell, Chief Executive of University Alliance, said:

“Research and innovation are essential to increasing productivity in the UK.  We must invest at comparable levels to competitor nations.

“We must also manage this investment cleverly.  Funding excellence wherever it is found means no one can rest on their laurels – but all must strive for ever greater excellence.  The dual support system drives dynamism and innovation. As Sir Paul’s report recognises, this system has served the UK well – with a wide range of institutions producing world-leading research across multiple disciplines.

“Peer review is the best way to identify this excellence. The Haldane principle should continue to guide funding decisions.”

Sir Paul Nurse’s review can be found here

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