New UA film puts our universities in the spotlight

research image biosciences video stillOur new film (below) shows how our institutions are making the difference in their cities and regions, and premiered at our Annual Summit at the beginning of this month.

The video focuses on the different ways in which Alliance universities are meeting the needs of communities: by helping people live happy, healthy lives, training the leaders of tomorrow, creating opportunities and tackling inequality, and promoting prosperity both locally and nationally.

The starring roles in a new promotional film from University Alliance were taken by two of our member universities – Kingston and Coventry. Students and staff from both universities featured in the production, which was carried out by Summit Films.

AME collaboration robots research innovation video still coventryA number of innovative facilities were used during the filming. At Kingston University, these included the Clinical Skills Lab (Darwin Ward) at the Kingston Hill campus and the Fashion studio and 3D materials workshop at the Knights Park campus.

Meanwhile, at Coventry University, the Centre for Applied Biological and Exercise Science, Microcab, a university spin-off associated with the Centre for Mobility and Transport, the Disruptive Media Learning Lab within the university’s Lanchester Library and the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering are part of the line up.

This year our programme of work has highlighted the role of universities as leaders in their cities and regions. Join in the debate on Twitter using the #UACities hashtag.

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