THE: Office for Students must promote collaboration as well as competition

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 16.45.42Ahead of the Higher Education & Research Bill Committee meeting this week, Chief Executive Maddalaine Ansell writes for Times Higher Education.

She looks at the role the new Office for Students could play in promoting collaboration as well encouraging competition between English HE providers.

She writes, “There are, however, differences between the higher education market and many others.

“The most significant is that higher education is expected to deliver public as well as private benefits. This is recognised in the funding model and made explicit in another of the OfS’ duties – to promote equality of opportunity in access and participation in higher education, which, in turn, should support social mobility and the creation of a fairer society.

“Universities that embrace a civic mission not only offer students an excellent education but are also active partners in the economic growth and social well-being of their town, city or region. This role is likely to be more important as we seek to build a post-Brexit Britain – particularly in those areas where voters said they felt left behind.”

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