University Alliance responds to TEF trial specification

Responding to the announcement today of full details of how the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) trial year will work, University Alliance urges the government to carry out a full evaluation of the trial year and keep an open mind about changing the scheme in future years based on the findings. Alliance institutions welcome the new challenge to demonstrate teaching excellence and will support efforts to build greater recognition for this crucial part of their mission.

Commenting, University Alliance Chief Executive Maddalaine Ansell, said:

 “There are decisions here that we strongly welcome, such as a broader approach to benchmarking with contextual assessment and a more granular system for looking at performance differences, and full level descriptors for each award level. However, we think the merits of a highly skilled employment metric and a medals-style ratings system will need to be tested. The trial year will be vital to getting this right. We remain confident that we can work with government to shape the TEF so it works well as it develops.”

Notes to editors

  1. The Government has published details today of how universities will be rated under the second year of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

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