CityMetric: Here’s what anchor universities add to UK city economies

MAB Main Administration Building - wide angle view

Chief Executive Maddalaine Ansell writes for CityMetric on how anchor universities are engaging with the government’s agenda to rebalance the economy.

The article explores how in order to understand better how modern civic universities build stronger communities, University Alliance undertook four deep dives in different parts of England across four themes: health and wellbeing; reducing inequality; innovation; and skills.

“…Our intention was to demonstrate, through real examples, the breadth and nature of the contribution that anchor institutions make to their cities and regions. This could then be used to inform the policy debate in England about devolution to the English regions, and the proposed reforms to the regulation of higher education and research…”

You can read the full CityMetric article here.

The Regional Leadership Series publications – and plus further case studies – can be found here.

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