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Managing Intellectual Property and technology transfer

University Alliance submitted evidence to the House of Common’s Science and Technology Committee inquiry on managing Intellectual Property (IP) and technology transfer.

  • Technology transfer and the exploitation of IP is one of multiple ways that Alliance universities forge long-term partnerships with industry. Nestled at the heart of our institutions, it sits alongside consultancy and contract work, collaborative R&D, SME drop-ins, employer involvement in the curriculum and various other business-related activities that enhance the quality of the teaching, learning and research environment.
  • While all our members have structures in place to handle technology transfer, it is rarely – if at all – managed by a traditional Technology Transfer Office. Institutions have instead incorporated technology transfer and IP exploitation into their research and enterprise services which have a much wider remit. This integrated approach helps to simplify access to university resources and makes it easier for institutions to build long-lasting relationships with industry.

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