Wonkhe: Universities must revisit BTECs as a route to higher education

Gabriel Huntley, Head of Communications and External Relations for University Alliance, has written a blog for Wonkhe on the need for universities to ensure students can succeed regardless of the qualifications they come with.

He also calls for greater recognition of the vital progression role vocational qualifications, particularly over the last decade, have provided for students with characteristics associated with educational disadvantage: those from low-participation neighbourhoods and regions, from an ethnic minority background, white working class boys and those whose parents worked in routine or manual occupations.

BTEC qualifications, which combine knowledge and understanding with application in real-world, occupational settings, can provide a strong foundation for success in higher education and the workplace. Around a third of students at Alliance universities enter with at least one BTEC. These students are often among the best prepared at problem-solving and working in teams.

Read the full blog post here.

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