THE: NUS calls for ‘minimum living income’ for post-16 students

Chief Executive Maddalaine Ansell features in coverage of the NUS Poverty Commission report in Times Higher Education.

The report finds “a clear link between class and poverty in tertiary education”, and calls the government’s review of higher and further education funding in England to create a minimum living income for students.

Maddalaine said:

“Too often, student poverty has been missing from debates about higher education funding. The NUS Poverty Commission report is an important corrective to this, highlighting the challenges which many students – particularly those from working-class backgrounds or studying part-time – face in accessing and succeeding in post-16 education.

“While there has been progress in widening participation, this evidence suggests that, for many, the day-to-day challenges of meeting basic needs have become greater in recent years.”

You can read our full statement here.

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