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Are you on the Peer Review College?

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Welcome to the Peer Review College!

  1. You have been chosen by your institution because of your proven track record in teaching excellence.
  2. The idea behind the TEA Peer Review College is to draw on the cutting-edge pedagogic expertise from across the Alliance to benefit the whole network.
  3. The Peer Review College (PRC) is designed to be a shared resource that any member of the Teaching Excellence Alliance can access to provide support and challenge in their teaching-related work. For example, members may find it helpful when seeking course enhancement, supporting teachers in their professional development or refreshing marketing for their courses.
  4. The PRC is also designed to provide national opportunities for members to remain “in good standing” (vis a vis the UKPSF) and to support the professional development of teachers (and progression routes via teaching) across Alliance universities through, for example:
    • Exposure to a national and interdisciplinary perspective on teaching and learning approaches, best practice, and evaluation;
    • Access to a national peer-to-peer network and a space to share ideas for measuring and evidencing student learning gain, engagement and feedback;
    • National opportunities to present, facilitate and support teaching and learning enhancement; for example we may be able to offer leadership roles for staff seeking to move into more senior leadership positions.
    • Opportunities to generate academic outputs on pedagogic practice through a national platform with support from TEA leaders.
  5. By joining the Peer Review College, Members commit to:
    • Contribute to at least one PRC event or project team each academic year.
    • Provide a summary output, working with colleagues, from their work for each project or activity including but not limited to at least one of the following: a publicly accessible case study for the UA website, a case study for sharing with the TEA community, an academic journal article or a TEA webinar;
    • Follow and apply the principles of the TEA (see Annex).
  6. Any member of the PRC can be called upon by any TEA partner at any stage. Requests can be submitted via Basecamp or through the central TEA team by emailing
  7. The requesting university shall cover the expenses of the commissioned Peer Review College member but no consultancy fee will be payable.