The Teaching Excellence Alliance – Strategic Overview

Teaching Excellence Alliance

Alliance distinctiveness

By focusing on sustained student success in professional and technical education Alliance universities have developed areas of collective distinctiveness in learning and teaching. The TEA seeks to enhance and support these areas, which include but are not limited to:

Co-creation/ Co-productionCutting-edge technical and professional curricula co-created with our students, employers, community groups and service users;
Immersive learning and assessmentProgressive and innovative pedagogies which integrate live, employer-relevant challenges for learning and assessment with input from employers, community groups and service users, using real world environments and simulations to provide work-based learning opportunities
Alternative provisionCommitment to try alternative modes of provision (accelerated degrees, degree apprenticeships, low residency learning, etc.)
Responsive learning environmentsCreating learning spaces that support student-focused and employer-led education


The following principles will be embedded across TEA activities:

Teaching Excellence Alliance Activities

The TEA recognises that sustained student success in professional and technical education is achieved through the expertise and commitment of individual teaching staff, of innovative course design teams, and of institutional-level interventions. The TEA has three interconnected strands of activity to enhance and develop UA teaching & learning:

  1. Shared and new CPD for teaching staff and those that enable teaching, to provide support for staff members to remain in good standing.
  2. A peer review college that will provide challenge and support on course design and curricula, and provide development opportunities for PRC members.
  3. Special interest groups that will support institution-wide enhancements for sustained student success.

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