The Future of Clearing

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Penny Sweasey, Manager of University Alliance’s Teaching Excellence Alliance, speaks to University Business Magazine on the current clearing process.

Participating in a roundtable alongside expert colleagues from across the sector, Penny discussed how clearing has changed and where work still needs to be done to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible for students.

She said “Applicants (and their teachers) are more knowledgeable about the clearing process, and… students are becoming more savvy about the opportunities that clearing offers.”

“Its negative perception has decreased, and it has become an increasingly mainstream and acceptable part of the application cycle.”

However, as has been exposed by UUK and UCAS’s widespread review into University admissions, clearing is by no means a perfect or universally admired process.

Penny recognises this. She said “Across the sector, and in government, there is scrutiny around admissions: there are arguments for and against a post-results admissions system. Whatever the process, universities recognise how quickly the clearing process has changed, and know that it will continue to be scrutinised, so the pressures on them to get it right are immense.”

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