University Alliance supports UUK proposals to provide financial stability to the sector

Universities UK have today announced a package of measures designed to ensure the higher education sector is able to overcome the financial challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The support will mean universities are able to play a central role in the national recovery efforts after the crisis.

Responding to the announcement, Professor Debra Humphris, Vice Chancellor of University of Brighton and Chair of University Alliance said:

“Given the central role universities across the country play in serving their communities and supporting the economy, it’s vital that higher education institutions are in a position to manage the financial challenges posed by COVID-19.

“This package of proposals, if implemented together, will ensure student interests – both now and in the future – are protected and institutions remain stable and able to weather this crisis. As the providers of public service skills and anchor institutions in their communities, Alliance universities are already working together to support the nation and their communities at the front line, and this package will enable them to continue to work with them to rebuild the nation as we come out of the crisis.”

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