University Alliance CEO Vanessa Wilson speaks at Westminster Higher Education Forum (WHEF)


On Friday 26 February, Vanessa Wilson spoke at the Westminster Higher Education Forum, which was themed around the following topic: ‘Delivering higher education during the pandemic – learning and value, student rights and expectations, and managing the pressure on higher education providers.’

Wilson’s slot was centred on value for students moving forward and tackling key issues for universities in the wake of the pandemic. She spoke alongside GuildHE CEO, Gordon McKenzie.

Vanessa’s speaking points centred around 7 key themes:

  1. The value of HE as a future destination for students.


  1. The tragedy of the misrepresentation of Higher Education


  1. A diverse sector will be needed to meet growing demand for the 3 ‘ALs’: Technical, Vocational and Professional


  1. Technology and the future of digital teaching and learning


  1. What are the challenges facing universities?


  1. What does this mean for future generations of students?


  1. As we look beyond the pandemic, universities are critical drivers to their places, and can help with Levelling-up


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