Government must allow all remaining Higher Education students to return

Vanessa Wilson CEO

Responding to calls for the Government to allow remaining Higher Education students to return to campus on 12th April, University Alliance CEO Vanessa Wilson said:

We support the call for all remaining higher education students to be allowed to return to campus from 12th April, as students in all stages of education have already been permitted. Delaying any further only serves to undermine the tremendous work and significant investment by universities to ensure their campuses are Covid safe and secure for students and staff alike.

 “Delaying a return any further also has huge and worrying ramifications for the mental health and wellbeing of our students who have already experienced significant increases in anxiety and isolation as a result of the absence of in person teaching and interaction with their peers. A return to campus will enable full access to in-person counselling and mental health support services as well as face to face teaching and interaction, which will in of itself combat isolation.

“Universities nationwide, not least those within the University Alliance, are well placed to support a safe return to in person teaching, with extensive asymptomatic testing, increased cleaning, updated guidance on social distancing, ventilation and face coverings in place. The government must urgently take action and allow a 12th April return to campus for all students.”


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