University Alliance in support of Elsevier proposal rejection

As the UK’s Elsevier Negotiation Team reject Elsevier’s (the largest publisher of UK research) most recent proposal on access to their publications for academics – for both reading and publishing – University Alliance CEO Vanessa Wilson pledges UA’s support:

Our universities are fully committed to the approach being taken by the UK’s Elsevier Negotiation Team and support the recommendation to reject the most recent proposal from Elsevier on the basis it does not yet meet the two core objectives of the negotiations: to reduce costs to levels which are sustainable, and facilitate rapid transition to full and immediate open access to UK research.  

UK universities have agreed a set of negotiation objectives that reflect our shared desire to foster open research. We welcome the progress the Elsevier Negotiation Team has made with Elsevier over recent months, whilst noting their advice that the current proposal does not yet deliver against the sector’s requirements. We hope both parties can continue to work together to achieve a more equitable agreement which allows for the sector-wide management of the open access transition.   



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