University Alliance responds to the Autumn Statement

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University Alliance, who represent 16 of the UK’s leading professional and technical universities, has responded to the Chancellor’s autumn statement.

University Alliance CEO Vanessa Wilson made the following comments:

On investment in innovation and skills

“The Chancellor is absolutely right to identify skills and innovation as two of the biggest levers for growth in the UK. The announcement of new investment zones, the focus on boosting university spinouts and the increase in R&D tax credits for SMEs will all help harness the innovation within professional and technical universities to drive growth.”

On investment in apprenticeships

“We will eagerly examine the detail around additional investment in apprenticeships: we know the degree apprenticeships our members deliver in partnership with employers like Rolls Royce have had a significant impact for employers, students and local economies.”

On the UK’s ‘world-leading’ universities

“We are delighted to hear the Chancellor so vocally champion the UK’s world leading universities. The diverse strength of our higher education system is one of our country’s greatest assets, and if we want to increase investment from overseas, we should be highlighting that wherever we can.”

On student maintenance support

“There was a notable absence of support for students in today’s budget. Current student maintenance support is inadequate in the face of the cost-of living crisis, and students are increasingly relying on hardship funding, or are having to work rather than study. Investing in our people does not just mean investing directly in teaching and training, it also means ensuring people are able to access education. Students must be able to meet their living costs while they study.”


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