University Alliance responds to Sutton Trust’s report on reforming student maintenance

Today (21 March), The Sutton Trust released their latest report ‘Reforming Student Maintenance’.

The report features modelling from London Economics and recommends: the reintroduction of maintenance grants; for wider eligibility for support by increasing parental income thresholds; increasing the overall amount of maintenance available; changing the repayment terms of the loan to make the system more progressive (meaning lower repayments for lower income graduates).

In response, Vanessa Wilson, CEO of University Alliance commented:

“Current levels of student maintenance have become inadequate in ensuring the poorest students’ living costs are covered during their studies. Whilst universities and students’ unions have been doing their bit to increase hardship funding and wellbeing support, there is now such a level of need that it requires policy action from government.

With London Economics’ new modelling showing that there are options to deliver a different system of student maintenance at no additional cost to the taxpayer, the Sutton Trust are absolutely right to say that there is no excuse for not acting.”

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