Our Networks

University Alliance runs an extensive range of networks for our members. These include academic networks aligned with the Teaching Education Framework, Knowledge Education Framework and Research Education Framework, and professional networks organised for staff working across a range of issues within Alliance universities.

In total we run 30+ professional and academic networks bringing together peers across the membership to engage on common issues and problem solving. The networks enable members to share and showcase their expertise and innovation, and we regularly invite external stakeholders, speakers and decision makers to discuss topical issues including Ministers, Chairs and CEOs of sector bodies.

All of our networks are designed to deliver tangible benefits to our members through brokering powerful connections and delivering solutions and outcomes.

Academic Networks

University Alliance runs formal academic networks in three key areas: Research and Innovation (R&I), Teaching and Learning (T&L) and Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise (KEE).

Teaching and Learning

The T&L Network enables expert practitioners to come together to share best practice and innovate in the teaching and learning space. Recent external speakers at T&L network meetings include representatives from the Department for Education and TASO (Transforming Access to Student Outcomes in Higher Education).



Research and Innovation

The R&I Network facilitates the opportunity for senior researchers across the membership to engage proactively on identifying future cutting-edge research opportunities and ideas, and engagement with key research funding bodies. External speakers at recent network meetings include EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) and CaSE (the Campaign for Science and Engineering).



Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise

The KEE Network brings senior knowledge exchange and enterprise professionals from the membership together with external partners and business to drive positive knowledge exchange and learning around the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) as well as fostering other benefits and links with enterprise and business. Recent speakers include Research England who provided network members with a unique insight into recent developments with the Knowledge Exchange Framework.


Professional Networks

University Alliance runs numerous professional networks organised for staff working across a range of directorates and professional areas within Alliance universities.

DTA Networks

The DTA run a series of networks bringing together DTA researchers.