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University of Wales, Newport

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The Entrepreneurial University

“I think any employer would be happy to have a graduate from the University of Wales, Newport as the courses are designed and focused on their needs and the needs of the ever changing economy.”

Althea Cyrille,
Marketing student from St Lucia

The University of Wales, Newport aims to enable all students during their studies to develop entrepreneurial capacity to deal with the uncertainty and complexity in both their work and personal lives.

The environment that students are graduating into is subject to increasing change. Current students are likely to change their jobs several times, to have to retrain and to travel and work abroad. It is likely they will be self-employed at some point during their careers and will have to learn to use technologies that are currently beyond our imagination in jobs that have not yet been invented. In light of this environment, Newport recognises that students need to be equipped with different types of ‘life skills’, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and acquire new skills and new learning to thrive in this environment.

Newport has a long tradition of providing high quality undergraduate, postgraduate and professional courses. Even if students don’t choose to set up their own business, entrepreneurial skills and capabilities – an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ – are equally important in the management and leadership of public bodies and social, or charitable, organisations. This wider perspective on entrepreneurship places emphasis on entrepreneurial learning across the university. Support structures and teaching programmes are developed to support entrepreneurial competency and attributes across a range of multi-disciplinary subject contexts on degree and diploma programmes.

There is an obvious link between the work of a university developing students with entrepreneurial mindsets and the university itself as an ‘entrepreneurial organisation’. Newport is also committed to developing a vibrant City-Region in South Wales and works closely with businesses and the community to promote entrepreneurship, including access to incubator centres to help students start up their own business.

Newport continues to develop the idea of the Entrepreneurial University as it moves into a new partnership with the University of Glamorgan this year.

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