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I absolutely love what I do, of course I do! It’s amazing the feeling of knowing you have developed something.

– Oliver Blackwell, Medical Devices Designer, Graduate of Plymouth University

Design is at the heart of innovation in the UK. It is fast growing at a time when the rest of the economy is sluggish. Since 2008 the creative industries have grown at three times the speed of the whole UK economy.

As well as driving economic growth, design is providing solutions to the grand challenges facing our society. From global warming to an ageing population – design is providing solutions to these problems. The design process, with its problem solving capabilities, is being applied to many different areas of research to find answers to the big questions facing us.

There has never been a better time to study design. Not only is it one of the fastest growing sectors but, design education also produces flexible and creative graduates. Studying design gives you valuable skills which can be transferred across a wide variety of professions. Design graduates can choose from a range of career options.

If you do want to pursue a career in design then an Alliance university is for you. Through working closely with businesses Alliance design schools are meeting the needs of the industry. Design graduates from Alliance universities are given the skills needed for a successful career in the design industry.


I couldn’t have got any of the jobs I subsequently went on to get without the university training I had

– Rob Law, Founder of Trunki, Graduate of Northumbria University