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Coventry are a forward-looking, modern university with a proud tradition as a provider of high quality education and a broad base of academic excellence and expertise combined with a focus on applied research, innovation, knowledge transfer and service provision. Coventry’s students benefit from state-of-the-art equipment and facilities in all academic disciplines including health, design and engineering laboratories, performing arts studios and computing centres. They have been chosen to host three national Centres of Excellence in Teaching and Learning which has enabled them to invest substantial sums of money in health, design and mathematics. Coventry’s city-centre campus is continually developing and evolving, and they have plans for further investment over the next few years. They are a major presence in Coventry, which contributes to the city’s friendly and vibrant atmosphere and enables them to foster successful business partnerships. Through their links with leading edge businesses and organisations in the public and voluntary sectors, Coventry students are able to access project and placement opportunities that enhance their employability on graduation. Coventry have recently embarked on an ambitious new strategy ‘Excellence with Impact’ which will transform the way they research by applying fresh and original approaches. You can find out about the latest and most impactful research being carried out by Coventry University by visiting their research blog.

Recent news from Coventry University

24 July: It will take a lot more than free menstrual pads to end period poverty
There is little evidence that pads alone will keep girls in school – stigma, lack of appropriate infrastructure, and embarrassment need to be dealt with too.

18 June: Gulf of Oman attacks: how merchant ships can keep safe in dangerous waters
Tensions are rising after two oil tankers were attacked in the Middle East. But what can ships do to protect themselves in risky waters?

13 June: Le problème avec la pleine conscience
La pleine conscience s'aligne sur la science et le monde universitaire pour être perçue comme crédible, mais elle manque remarquablement de preuves scientifiques pour l’appuyer.

7 June: The problem with mindfulness
Mindfulness aligns itself with science and academia to be seen as credible but it lacks any real evidence.

22 May: Zero-carbon electric transport is already in reach for small islands
When it comes to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from transport, the future is already here on small islands.

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