Vivien Yu – Robert Gordon University

MPharm graduate Vivien Yu tells us about her experience of joining RGU through Clearing and why she would recommend Clearing to future students.

What did you know about Clearing before you went through the process?

I had never considered Clearing prior to applying, so I wasn’t too clued up on the process. I had always imagined it to be quite daunting as I didn’t want to be left with no place at any University at the end of the process.

What were the circumstances that resulted in you applying through Clearing?

When I applied through UCAS during the first round, I was incredibly indecisive. This process ended with me locking in a place for a course I wasn’t too happy with. After having time to think during the summer break, I knew I wanted to change courses but I thought it was too late. It was only when a family friend had suggested that there was a space for Pharmacy at RGU through Clearing that I realised it wasn’t too late!

How would you describe the process?

The process was easy and simple. When I called RGU they made the whole process stress free and easy. They asked me a few questions and requested I send them some relevant documentation. I had to cancel my space that I had accepted from another course, which wasn’t very difficult. Then when I applied through Clearing, I was accepted 20 minutes later and the rest is history! My experience was so positive and stress free. Everyone was so supportive and guided me through the process. At the time I was away on holiday and I managed to do everything from my phone.

Are you happy you applied through Clearing?

I am so glad that I applied through Clearing, I would not have had the same experiences, opportunities that I have had over the 4 years.

At RGU I got to try lots of different sports, take part in different societies and eventually lead a few of them. Both students and staff have made my uni experience so enjoyable and so welcoming. Through studying Pharmacy at RGU I got to attend UK wide conferences and there were opportunities to explore pharmacy in different countries.

In Scotland we as student pharmacists are fortunate to have NES funded placements. These placements allow us to see a few different sectors; such as community, hospital, GP and specialist placements. I was lucky to go up to Raigmore hospital for a week and be paired with a medical student. I have also had the opportunity to be in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, GPs in Glasgow and fruitful online placements (due to the pandemic).

Aberdeen is also a beautiful city with lots of hidden gems. Studying there for the last 4 years really made me appreciate the amazing beaches, castles and scenery. It also got me involved in a bit of hill walking and sunrise catching.

What were some of your highlights whilst studying at RGU?

I had the opportunity to take on the role as Co-President of the Pharmacy Society and President of the IPE society in my final year, which allowed me to work on lots of different projects and meet people across the country.

I was honoured to be named as 1 of the 12 Women to Watch winners in the UK 2020. As a student it was an overwhelming feeling to be published on the front cover of the Pharmaceutical Journal, published in the magazine and on the website. The award opened me up to further opportunities, such as being invited to present to the RPS committees on winning the award and on the importance of diversity and inclusion. I have also been asked to write articles and it has contributed to me winning 4 further awards this year.

I was also awarded  RGU Partnership Award 2021, a Full Scarlet Award 2021 (RGU) and the Society Person of the Year 2021 (RGU).

Without my university experience at RGU I would not be in the same position that I am now in.

Would you recommend applying through Clearing to others?

100%. The process is so easy and straightforward! I have loved my time at RGU, I got involved in different societies, sports and met so many new friends. I have fallen in love with pharmacy and couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. The staff and lecturers are all incredibly supportive and caring. I have now graduated from Pharmacy and looking forward to starting my new job in a few weeks. Without Clearing I wouldn’t be in the same position that I am now in.

Some people have preconceptions about Clearing, what would you say about that?

Applying through Clearing does not put you at any disadvantage. I had only applied a few weeks before the course started and I ended up making the year group chat to find everyone who was doing the same course as me. Most people are in the same boat as you: nervous, excited, anxious to start their university life. The staff at RGU are all incredibly supportive and guide you through the process.

Prior to Clearing I had never visited RGU nor was I familiar with the city of Aberdeen. It was really easy to sort out some accommodation and within a week I was able to confidently navigate the city.

What are you waiting for? Find your dream course now. I know I did!

About Clearing

From July 2023, we will be taking applications through Clearing via UCAS. It is your opportunity to apply to the Top modern university in Scotland* even if you don’t get the exact required grades, have not previously applied, or have previously declined our offer. Clearing is open to anyone who does not have a place at university starting this September, or even if you have a place but have changed your mind on the course or university you want to study at.

We try to take account of all the results and your individual circumstances, and even if your first choice is not available, we may be able to offer you a place on a similar course, so it’s always worth getting in touch.

For more information, visit the RGU website.