University of South Wales: Aisha and Awais Saeed  

Aisha and Awais are Network 75 degree apprentices at University of South Wales


“I knew straight away after A-levels that I wanted to do a degree apprenticeship, rather than a traditional full-time degree, because I didn’t want to have any student debt, I wanted to start earning money, and that’s exactly what this has given to me.”

“So it’s a nice kind of halfway house, where you get the good parts of uni, you still get your degree, you’re getting everything paid for, and then in work you’re getting your salary and building a good relationship with your colleagues – it’s quite a nice mix.”


“I’ve had a really great breadth of experience at the company and I’ll always appreciate them giving me those opportunities, because I think it’s really enriched what otherwise would have been a quite general business and management degree,”

“With the building society having a dedicated person in the HR team who looks after us on Network 75, I’ve always felt supported when doing my degree apprenticeship. I’ve got a lot out of the five years.”