The University of Hertfordshire: Meeting the Changing Needs of the NHS

The University of Hertfordshire has been delivering practice-based, health-related programmes for more than 20 years and they are continuing to shape the delivery of their programmes according to current health and social care needs. The university has a strong research culture through their Centre for Research in Public Health and Community Care and research units in Allied Health Professions.

Their research in turn informs their educational delivery, creating an innovative workforce, fit for the NHS into the future. Their flexible courses are continually evolved to meet NHS and wider stakeholder needs, and recent additions include Nursing Associate and Nursing Degree Apprenticeship courses.

In Short:

Jackie Kelly, Dean of the School of Health and Social Work, said: “Key to our success is the close working relationships and collaboration with our partners, ensuring that our education and research programmes are of the highest quality and relevant to the ever evolving needs of the NHS and the wider health and social care services.”

Hayley Mitchell, Nursing Degree Apprenticeship student: “This is the perfect opportunity to become a nurse. As I have children I’m not able to do it the original way of applying to do a university degree. The degree apprenticeship means that a nursing career is still accessible to me and opens all the doors I require.”