High quality teaching is vital for student success

University Alliance welcomes this HEFCE consultation into the quality assurance of the higher education sector.  The aims outlined by Dame Shirley Pearce CBE are exactly right.  We need a system that puts the needs of the student at the centre, pays greater attention to outcomes than process, is risk-based rather than formulaic and which reduces the administrative burden on institutions.

Maddalaine Ansell, chief executive of University Alliance – Britain’s universities for cities and regions – said:

“High quality teaching and learning is critical to creating the world’s future leaders and problem solvers. We all need to feel confident that a new regime will maintain the quality of the UK higher education system.

“Alongside this consultation, the Government has committed to introduce a framework to recognise universities offering the highest quality teaching.  We are running a policy seminar next month to explore how to get this right – to incentivise teaching excellence and encourage innovation so that students gain the knowledge and skills to succeed in the jobs that Britain needs”

If you are interested in attending the “Building the Teaching Excellence Framework” event visit.

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