Studying at a professional and technical university: FAQs

What is a professional and technical university?

Professional and technical universities specialise in working with industry and employers. That means that their students are empowered with career-ready skills, and their research supports businesses to innovate and thrive.

University Alliance is a group of some of the UK’s leading professional and technical universities. Our members deliver applied, career-informed teaching across healthcare, the creative industries, social sciences, business, engineering, computing and more.

1 in 3 courses at an Alliance university is professionally accredited, and we deliver 1 in 3 degree apprenticeships in the UK.

What is it like to study at a professional and technical university?

Our students say there are three main things that make the experience of studying at one of University Alliance’s professional and technical universities stand out:

What qualifications do UA’s professional and technical universities accept?

Our members accept a range of prior qualifications including A levels, T levels, BTECS, International Baccalaureate and more.

If you would like to check if our members accept a specific qualification that isn’t listed, please email

How can students apply for a professional and technical university?

Undergraduate degree applications can be made through UCAS. Most courses will use the January equal consideration deadline, and can also be applied for through clearing if available, but students should check the information for their specific course.

Degree apprenticeships have a different application process and applications will usually be made through the employer. Alliance universities list their available degree apprenticeships on their websites, and students can find application information there.

Are we missing anything?

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