Research Professional – Priorities for Gyimah: How to build on Johnson’s reforms

UA Chief Executive Maddalaine Ansell has written a piece for Research Fortnight’s HE Analyst to look at how the new Universities and Science Minister Sam Gyimah can build on previous reforms in higher education.

The UCAS data also showed that a higher proportion of our own young people are applying to university than ever before. Despite a very lively public debate about the value of a university degree, young people recognise that it can be the widest gateway to fulfilling careers.

The forthcoming review of higher education should not make recommendations that cap this aspiration. Rather, it should recognise how challenging it is for poorer students to support themselves while studying—many have to work more or less full time while they study to keep afloat—and identify ways to provide adequate maintenance support.

The minister should also seize the opportunity of a major review to design a funding model that works for mature students. If we want regionally balanced economic growth and a fair society, we must make it easier for them to study, learn new skills and build confidence for new careers.

This is the first in a three-part series by the publication. Read the full article here.

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