THE: UK’s elite universities ‘still have social justice problem’

Times Higher Education has published a piece focusing on Education Select Committee chair Robert Halfon’s speech at a University Alliance-hosted event on degree apprenticeships this week.

Commenting that the National Audit Office has warned of a “two-tier system developing where the most disadvantaged attend the lowest-ranked providers”, Mr Halfon said that some universities might not deserve the tag “elite”.

“Perhaps we should regard universities as elite only if they are providing a real ladder of opportunity to the disadvantaged,” he said, stating that there “must be sanctions from the new regulator for those universities who are failing in this regard”.

Mr Halfon praised those universities that are expanding their provision of degree apprenticeships, which he said were his “two favourite words in the English language”.

Read the THE full article here. We have also published Mr Halfon’s full speech on our website.

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