Special Interest Groups

TEA CPD is generally a bottom-up activity – led by the needs and interests of practitioners in universities. To compliment this we want to encourage more top-down activity and think this is a good approach for the Special Interest Groups.

We suggest that we introduce a few broad themes and encourage a D/PVC to lead and champion each of the themes to support buy-in/ engagement of the TEA Management Group and to get more recognition for what we are doing.

For each theme we suggest forming action learning sets who will participate in three half-day meetings over a 6 – 9 month period:

Meeting 1

Meeting 2

Meeting 3

Each SIG could also lead to a position paper on Alliance activity in this area – to support evaluation of the programme but also as an opportunity for CPD of those involved through published work.

Suggested themes:

  1. Assessment and feedback
  2. Changing a teaching culture/ programme leadership
  3. Graduate attributes
  4. Blended learning
  5. Interdisciplinary working
  6. Health and wellbeing (of staff and students) incl. student induction
  7. Inclusivity
  8. Space – virtual and physical


  1. Members to add any additional topics
  2. UA to circulate updated list
  3. Members to rank their top three themes in terms of importance/ relevance to them
  4. Members to volunteer to lead a theme or nominate another member to lead a theme

Further reading