Impact on policy case study: Frangton Chiyemura

Frangton Chiyemura is in the second year of his PhD at the Open University and has spent the last eight months collecting data to support his research in Africa 

Growing up in Zimbabwe and inspired by the role of China in transferring renewable energy technology to developing countries, Frangton Chiyemura’s research explores Ethiopia-China cooperation in financing and developing two wind farms (Adama 1 and Adama 2) in Ethiopia. 

The topic of Africa-China cooperation on development of the wind energy infrastructure in Africa in general and Ethiopia, in particular, remains under-explored. Frangton hopes his research will contribute to improved understanding and generation of new debates and insights on wind energy policy development in Ethiopia and Africa as a whole. 

Frangton will examine how China as a developing country is helping Ethiopia, another developing country, to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 7 on ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy, and how China is becoming a key development partner for many African countries. 

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