Impact on policy: Matthew Hibbert

Matthew Hibbert is in the first year of his PhD at Liverpool John Moores University 

Matthew Hibbert’s research at Liverpool John Moores University aims to increase understanding of why some LGBTQ+ people engage in sexualised drug use. 

Sexualised drug use – including chemsex – can lead to high risk sexual behaviours including unsafe sex and increased risk of infection. Matthew undertook his PhD to understand why and the impact it could have on physical and mental well-being. Matthew has worked for a number of years as a HIV/STI prevention scientist and as a HIV/STI Information Analyst. He hopes his research will raise awareness of the issue, not just among men, but women and trans people as well and lead to the development of interventions that benefit the LGBT+ community. The findings could be used to inform policy and service provision in sexual health settings, and also raise awareness of inequalities experienced by the LGBT community in general and be used to campaign for greater social inclusion. 

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