University Alliance responds to Pearson-CBI Education & Skills Survey

Liz Bromley, Acting CEO of University Alliance commented:

“University Alliance is not surprised by either the continuing importance that employers attach to technical & professional education or the challenges they foresee in its delivery. Our members across the country highlight many of the same opportunities & challenges to us.

It is troubling to see the statistics in this report around critical issues like employer engagement in education and the challenges in implementing the apprenticeship levy policy. We know from our varied group of members that there is already a huge amount going on to engage employers and other partners in delivering the workforce of the future, but all too often this is hampered rather than supported by both policy and regulation.

We also note the report’s highlighting of the need for genuinely lifelong learning as the nature of work changes. University Alliance’s recent Ladders of Opportunity report highlighted a number of ways to tackle this issue”.

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