Consider all options, UA tells students still seeking places

Exam Results sign

As students receive their A-level results, University Alliance encourages those yet to confirm their place to explore the full range of institutions available.

Vanessa Wilson, CEO of University Alliance, said:

“Congratulations to all those receiving their results today. Your hard work and determination is to be celebrated, and whatever your next steps, you should be very proud.

“For those considering university, it’s important to remember that there exists a wealth of courses, across a diverse group of institutions, so there’s sure to be something right for you. Take your time to consider what’s important for your time at university. If it’s links to business and industry, having full academic and personal support, or access to practical training, attending a university with professional and technical roots gives you all this and more.

“Unfortunately, these wide-ranging benefits have been routinely ignored within the dangerous rhetoric of ‘value’ and ‘Mickey Mouse’ degrees. I wholeheartedly encourage any prospective student to reject the short-sighted, false narrative that only institutions with perceived prestige can offer you the right experience.”


Speaking about the increase in applications, Vanessa Wilson said:

“We have the highest ever number of individuals applying to university.  Given the transformational experience that awaits them this is a fact that should be celebrated, not derided. But this isn’t just about individual opportunities.

“To meet the challenges posed by Brexit, an ageing population and technological development, employers will require more high-level skills, not less. To overcome this expected talent deficit, we should be increasing opportunities for people of all ages to upskill and retrain. Increasing access to university is central to delivering these solutions.”

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