University Alliance responds to A level results announcement

Vanessa Wilson CEO

University Alliance CEO Vanessa Wilson responds to the news that record numbers of students are set to take a place at university, and encourages learners to consider the full range of institutions available through clearing.

“A huge congratulations to everyone receiving their results today. Students should rightfully be proud of their hard work and achievements in these most extraordinary and challenging times.

“We are delighted to see further increases to the numbers of students going to university this year. Given the transformational experience that awaits them this is a fact that should be openly celebrated, not derided.

“To meet the ambitions set out by this government as a global Britain, including rebuilding from the pandemic and taking urgent action to mitigate and adapt to the current climate crisis, more so than ever before we need to use our world-class university system to support the education, training and retraining of our future workforce with the high-level skills employers need.

“Alliance universities are highly respected for their professional and practical training; working hand in glove with employers to develop innovative, problem-solving, entrepreneurial, job-ready graduates and post-graduates who will be essential to the national, social and cultural recovery effort in the months and years ahead. Alliance universities pride themselves on supporting the most disadvantaged students in society and will stand ready to help and assist those students who have faced the greatest hardship resulting from the pandemic.

“We very much welcome the equitable alignment of all results this year including academic, technical and vocational. Our members welcome a large number of students with BTECs and other such qualifications, and these are a valuable and flexible pathway for students to access academic, vocational, professional and technical degrees such as those delivered by Alliance universities.”

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