Alliance universities are taking practical action to tackle the causes and effects of climate change

The University Alliance group, made up of universities specialising in professional and technical education, are working on urgent, applied research that addresses the challenges of the climate crisis, according to a new campaign launched today.

The campaign, launched in the run-up to COP26 next week, will illustrate how Alliance members are working with industry, businesses, charities and their communities to find practical solutions to take action and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

An extension of their Powering the UK’s Future’ campaign, the university group’s ‘Powering Action on Climate Change will showcase how the Alliance are not just talking about the long-term ecological consequences – they’re taking action and making a difference.

Already they are creating projects that build hydrogen engines to reduce transport emissions; construct houses built entirely from waste products; cultivate microalgae to help build the sustainable food groups of the future; and convert natural waste into clean energy.

As the world faces increasing challenges from the environmental crisis, today’s campaign highlights how Alliance universities will use their partnerships with industry and support for business, locally rooted research and innovation, and links within their regions to make a difference to local people, helping communities to overcome, tackle and adapt to the impacts of the crisis.

University Alliance are also calling for universities like theirs and the research they produce to be utilised and funded as a key component of the UK’s climate change response, as will be laid out at COP26 next week. They have developed a number of high-level policy asks to government which, if actioned, will enable their contribution to national efforts to reach a net zero future.

University of Greenwich Vice-Chancellor and spokesperson for the campaign, Professor Jane Harrington, said:

“Alliance universities have been working to develop practical solutions to the climate crisis for decades. With our long heritage, deep roots in our surrounding cities and regions, and strong links with business, industry and the local community, we are perfectly placed to deliver every day, tangible research solutions that can address the effects of the environmental crisis in the here and now.”

University Alliance CEO Vanessa Wilson said:

“Working together as a group of professional and technical universities on this issue of international importance is crucial to the UK’s success in reaching their net zero goals. It’s a great honour to launch this campaign as the world looks to the UK as hosts of  COP26, and highlight the work already ongoing at Alliance institutions to apply practical, hands-on research to tackle the causes and effects of climate change.

The impact of our universities’ role in this will be greatly aided by the Government’s policy approach, and we look forward to working with them to power institutions like those in the Alliance, and generate tangible ways to address the impacts of climate change in our everyday lives.”

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