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COP26 needs to address air quality as well as climate change

Published on November 1, 2021
...29th October 2021 Dr Jo Barnes, Senior Research Fellow at UWE Bristol explains why COP26 must address air quality as well as climate change. While all eyes will be on the UK’s hosting of COP26 it is important that this vital international summit considers a dual focus on both the long-term measures to tackle climate change and the need to improve air quality. The same sources of emissions that are responsible for climate change are also causing s... Read more »

Harnessing the power of university-sponsored Multi Academy Trust partnerships

Published on August 18, 2021
...cost savings to support school improvement and growth within the MAT agenda. Through the provision of placements for teacher training students and the delivery of subsidised continual professional development for staff, university-MAT partnerships ensure a clear professional development pathway that drives school and workforce improvement. University-sponsored MATs are also an effective means for realising a shared educational ambition for the MA... Read more »

High tech facilities at Alliance universities are helping to power the NHS

Published on July 16, 2021
University Alliance institutions are at the forefront of training the UK’s future health and social care workforce, training 25% of all nursing and midwifery students and 18% of all social work students. This is due in large part to the superb learning and training provision afforded by our universities’ high tech facilities. Allowing students to train in an immersive environment, using equipment and techniques that they would encounter once they... Read more »

Alliance universities are fulfilling a civic role within their communities

Published on August 27, 2021
...w our members are Powering their Communities below: Read more »

How supermarkets can engage consumers to think more about household food waste

Published on October 28, 2021
...e same principle could be applied to work within retail environments. The main criterion is that people are continuously aided by clear prompts that can realistically aid them to engage in cognitive processing. That way it would become habitual to integrate suitable ways of thinking that are focused on reducing waste. For example: supermarkets could have clear signage throughout the stores reminding shoppers to carefully consider whether they can... Read more »

Alliance universities play key role in regeneration and investment in local communities

Published on August 20, 2021
...ion in their local towns, cities and regions below. Read more »

UA institutions play important role in action against climate change

Published on June 11, 2021
...strumental in the UK’s response to the climate crisis, and how work in sustainability, green growth and innovation are making a difference on both a local and national scale. Through our focus on applied research, knowledge exchange and innovation, we are working towards ensuring a fairer, greener, healthier, more prosperous, and resilient UK. Championing green innovation, sustainable business practise and growth within the communities of our Alli... Read more »

Enterprise Stars: Meet the student entrepreneurs part 1

Published on May 17, 2018 supermarket shelves due to its ‘ugly’ appearance. Despite, as Harry explains, still being beautiful on the inside. Frugly aims to intercept wasted produce, like the 1.4 million binned bruised bananas every single day and turn this rescued fruit and veg into wonderful fruit juice. University of Central Lancashire Extendable baby clothes: Rukhsana Razaq We are all astonished and delighted by how quickly babies change. But it does mean parents nee... Read more »

What does research-informed teaching (RIT) look like?

Published on September 20, 2016
...: Revisiting Expectations. Communicar. English Ed. 19 (37) 15 Cook-Sather, A. (2013) Student-Faculty Partnership in Explorations of Pedagogical Practice: A Threshold Concept in Academic Development. International Journal for Academic Development. 19 (3) 186-98 Fanghanel, J. et al (2016) Defining and supporting the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL): A sector wide study. The Higher Education Academy. Read more »

Creative arts subjects vital for supporting UK innovation and economy

Published on June 9, 2021
...hich champions the importance of creative skills for employers and warns against the undervaluing of creative courses by government policy decisions, we’ve gathered some case studies which emphasise the importance of creative arts graduates to the modern jobs market. Alliance universities are central to the innovative and ever-growing creative sector – from traditional disciplines such as music, through to modern computer aided design, gaming and... Read more »