Let’s Get Technical: How to harness the power of professional and technical universities to deliver for the UK

A banner for University Alliance's 'Let's Get technical' campaign


Ahead of the anticipated general election in 2024, University Alliance has published a new policy briefing: ‘Let’s Get Technical: How to harness the power of professional and technical universities to deliver for the UK’.

‘Let’s Get Technical’ sets out five UA policy goals for the next UK government, with a set of policy suggestions to help deliver each goal.

The goals highlight how University Alliance, its members and its partners in industry can support the government in addressing some of the big challenges facing the country, as well as some of the big challenges facing the higher education sector.

In the briefing, University Alliance calls on the next government to:

  1. Develop a long-term post-18 education and skills strategy 
  2. Support innovative regions and SMEs across the UK 
  3. Embed universities in NHS and social care workforce planning 
  4. Reform the funding and regulation of degree apprenticeships 
  5. Address financial shortfalls for students and universities 


Vanessa Wilson, CEO of University Alliance said:

“Alliance universities are underpinning the country’s economic growth and skills needs for the future. However, there is a lack of strategic direction for higher education, and government policy is currently disjointed. That’s why we are calling for a coherent long-term strategy, in which the government clearly articulates what it believes post-18 education and training is for, and how the higher education sector can support its full policy programme. 

“Alliance universities are delivering quality research and innovation, educating our NHS workforce, and equipping graduates with the high-level skills that employers need. To truly capitalise on these strengths, we have proposed a series of policy changes to help us support long-term economic growth and deliver the pipeline of high-skills the country will need in the future.

Finally, we are asking government to put university and student finances on a sustainable footing. Without this, none of our other goals will be achievable in the long term.”


 You can read ‘Let’s Get Technical’ in full here.