Alexander Navarro de Paz – Robert Gordon University

My name is Alexander Navarro de Paz and I am currently a first-year Law student at RGU. I joined RGU through Clearing in 2020 and here’s  my experience.

Did you know about Clearing before you went through the process?

Before my results were published, I actually didn’t know Clearing existed. It was always in my mind that if you didn’t get into the schools of your choice, you had to wait till next year to try and apply again. I’m glad I was wrong!

Alexander Navarro de Paz, Law Student at RGU

In 2020, SQA messed up the results of many, including myself. When it came to results day, I was unable to go to my initial choices. Thankfully though my mum pushed me to look into Clearing. As we looked at the vast number of choices, RGU stood out to me. It was a University that I considered before but didn’t put down since my initial choices were limited.

How would you describe the process?

The process was much simpler than I originally thought. All I had to do was look through a list provided by UCAS on results day and click on what universities and courses interested me. After about an hour, I was contacted via the phone by someone from the University who discussed my situation with me. After that, they were happy to provide me with an offer to undertake the Law course.

I would be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous at first. However, the way it was all set up and handled by the RGU put me at ease. The process was simple, quick and effective. The staff at RGU were polite and excellent in explaining to me the details surrounding getting in. I can not imagine it going any better than it did.

Alexander Navarro de Paz, Law Student at RGU

I am really happy that I applied through clearing as it provided me and thousands of other students with chances that we didn’t think were available to us.

How has Clearing helped you?

I am not sure where I would be now if I didn’t go to RGU through Clearing. If anything, due to COVID, I would most likely be at home still, which is not an ideal situation. I am so grateful that I had this opportunity presented to me and that I took it.

I am having an absolute blast with my time at RGU so far, it is an excellent University that has been extremely well organised during these complicated times. As for my course, I am currently doing Law and it is amazing. The teachers are so helpful as well and easy to approach.

Alexander Navarro de Paz, Law Student at RGU

Would you recommend applying through Clearing to others?

If you didn’t get the results you were hoping for, then Clearing is 100% worth it. I would recommend it to everyone, even if you are not sure what you want to do yet.

Alexander Navarro de Paz, Law Student at RGU

Clearing may seem terrifying, end of the world even at first, but I can guarantee you that it is a pathway to amazing opportunities that you would have never thought to exist. It has granted me access to a course I love, to a city I enjoy residing within and I have met so many extraordinary people on my course. The same can be said for many other students that have taken on Clearing, so don’t be afraid to take that big leap and explore your Clearing options!

About Clearing

From July 2023, we will be taking applications through Clearing via UCAS. It is your opportunity to apply to the Top modern university in Scotland* even if you don’t get the exact required grades, have not previously applied, or have previously declined our offer. Clearing is open to anyone who does not have a place at university starting this September, or even if you have a place but have changed your mind on the course or university you want to study at.

We try to take account of all the results and your individual circumstances, and even if your first choice is not available, we may be able to offer you a place on a similar course, so it’s always worth getting in touch.

For more information, visit the RGU website.