The Greenwich accommodation staff keeping students safe

This is part of the University of Greenwich Hero Series, celebrating the teams of people who maintain the smooth running of the university and are putting the measures in place to keep students and staff safe. 

Athanasios Sotirakopoulos & Marie Dove, the University of Greenwich accommodation staff, have continued to work through lockdown and as campuses reopen, are keeping student residents safe. Thank you for everything you do to keep our university a safe place to be.

All of the residency team have worked diligently throughout lockdown, they ensured that the student accommodation buildings remained open and operational throughout this extremely challenging time.

We have teams working at all of our university accommodation sites. Their job is to maintain the safety and security of those of our community that live there throughout the year as well as the buildings themselves.

Student accommodation at universities has been a major focus throughout the pandemic and we want to say thank you to all our staff that work in and around these sites for continuing to provide comfort and safety to all those who live there. The halls of residence themselves are micro communities that rely on each other to keep everyone safe.

Athanasios is part of the security staff at Daniel Defoe and Marie Dove works as a receptionist at the Cutty Sark accommodation. Make sure you say thank you next time you see them.


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