Boosting graduate employability with Employer Advisory Groups

Every course at Anglia Ruskin University is developed in partnership with Employer Advisory Groups looking at all aspects of the curriculum to ensure employability is fully integrated into course content and design.

Read what some of their employer partners say below.

Wellcome Sanger Institute

Wellcome Sanger Institute logo

We have a huge skills shortage in bioinformaticians and ARU offers the expertise and the training and the student experience and can translate some of our complex needs into an engaging curriculum. Our apprentices challenge our thinking, and they progress our science.
Dr Julia Wilson, Associate Director


Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust logo

The Nursing Apprenticeship is a brilliant initiative that we are proud to support. Not only does it provide ‘earn as you learn’ development opportunities, it enables individuals to work alongside our dedicated CUH team to deliver outstanding care.
Lorraine Szeremeta, Chief Nurse



Coderus logo

The structure of the Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship at ARU provides a great framework for us to fulfil our training obligations. Our apprentices receive high-quality university teaching whilst being able to apply their knowledge through academic study and on-the-job training.
Mark Thomas, CEO and Owner


McLaren Group

McLaren Group logo

For any firm that is looking to upskill their workforce, either by developing staff or by recruiting, we’d recommend having a conversation with the Degrees at Work Team. They will give you a great understanding about the programmes available and how you can fit them in to your training and development.
Nikki Treweek, Head of Talent Development


Munday + Cramer

Munday + Cramer logo

As an RICS mentor, ECC enterprise adviser and SME business owner I am hugely impressed that ARU stepped up to this challenge in 2016/17. In my opinion this puts them at the cutting edge of higher education and more importantly they are in sync with what communities and employers really need.
Lee Hatwell, Director and Chartered Surveyor



SciBIte logo

ARU have been really receptive, they’ve listened to a really wide spectrum, of both academic, but for me particularly, commercial people, to make sure that this course actually gives us people with a grounding in the skills we want.
Dr Lee Harland, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer


Ground Control

Ground Control logo

Ground Control have enrolled a number of employees onto degree apprenticeships with ARU – it’s a great opportunity to develop our existing teams whilst they continue to perform in their role.
Nicola Dole, HR and Learning and Development Manager



Barclays logo

Barclays is very excited to be part of the degree apprenticeship programme. It will allow us to use the very best academic resources available to develop and grow future leaders.
Mike Thompson, Head of Barclays Apprenticeship Programme


Nicholls Law

Nicholls Law logo

ARU have been very supportive to us – both as employers and individually as apprentices. And we’re convinced our commitment to learning will not only benefit us personally, but also future-proof the firm as we move into new and exciting areas of business as a result of our studies.
Julia Nicholls, Practice Manager and Senior Consultant



Calford Seaden logo

We have partnered with Anglia Ruskin to provide our degree apprenticeships, so our apprentices have the opportunity to gain the same level of quality education as other employees who have taken the more traditional degree route.
Zoe Trotman, Recruitment and Training Manager


Genomics England

Genomics England logo

Apprentices have a different mindset, they are focused on the application of what they learn. That’s a benefit for employers because they get the doers, with the skills needed to move the field forward.
Dr Will Spooner, Commercial Programme Delivery Lead

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