‘A solution can always be found and we are on your side’ – Kingston University Clearing student turned hotline operator says

When Veronica Oprisan decided to change paths from musical theatre to business psychology, she felt nervous about having to reapply for university.  But after securing a place at Kingston University through Clearing she is at peace with her choice and, one year later is now working as a hotline operator where she hopes to reassure others with a similar dilemma on A-level results day.

The international student left a degree in musical theatre at another London university. She enjoyed the creative side of the course but had always been interested in psychology. She saw that Kingston University offered the Business Psychology BSc (Hons) programme and decided to call its Clearing hotline to find out more.

Veronica, from Italy, felt anxious at first but was soon put at ease by the specially-trained operator. “I had previously tried to apply by myself through UCAS but being an international student with different qualifications, I found it difficult. The person I spoke to at Kingston was so helpful and guided me through the whole process,” she said. “It was much quicker and easier than when I applied for my previous degree. This was just one call talking to the right person and all the steps from there on became really clear,” she added.

This year, Veroncia is on the other end of the phone line working as a Clearing hotline operator. “I wanted to be able to help others like me. I’ve already received a few calls from international students and relaying my experience to them immediately put them at ease. I am professional but at the same time I am human and can empathise with what they are going through and this is what I really love about it,” she said.

“A solution can always be found. Even if you may not qualify for the course you want, there are similar courses that allow you to still follow your chosen path. At the end of the day, the person on the other side of the phone is here to help you and is on your side,” she added.

The 22 year old said the course played a major role in her decision to apply for Kingston.  “I wanted something that was both academic and practical and the business psychology course at Kingston University was perfect for me because you get to learn techniques that you can put into practice in the workplace,” she explained. “I’m in a much happier place having found a course I really enjoy and one that offers lots of career options when I graduate,” she added.

After living in Kingston for a year, Veronica said the University’s location has made her feel at home. “I’m from a small village called Verzuolo in Italy. When I first came to the UK I lived in West London, which was quite noisy and overwhelming. Kingston is a lot more peaceful with plenty of green space and the Thames riverside. It’s also very student-friendly, which I didn’t expect from such a family orientated borough,” she said.

In her first year, Veronica has enjoyed learning about data analysis as part of the business management module. “I never thought I’d be interested in data analysis but I have really enjoyed learning the different methods and seeing how I can apply these skills in a professional environment,” she said. “The lecturers have been so supportive this year and have kept in touch with us on a regular basis while providing really resourceful information. They have also encouraged group work and, from this, I’ve built strong bonds with people on the course” she added.

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