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The sector’s long-term health has to be at the forefront of our thinking

Published on September 11, 2012
...this environment. To do so we need more graduates and a strong and enterprising research-base. As universities, we need to maximize our impact – demonstrating how our learning, teaching, research, knowledge exchange and external partnerships all come together to generate a really unique offer. In making the case to support growth in these challenging economic times, we clearly need to get even smarter at demonstrating our efficiency as well as ou... Read more »

Alliance universities are fulfilling a civic role within their communities

Published on August 27, 2021
...d. Check out how our members are Powering their Communities below: Read more »

High tech facilities at Alliance universities are helping to power the NHS

Published on July 16, 2021
University Alliance institutions are at the forefront of training the UK’s future health and social care workforce, training 25% of all nursing and midwifery students and 18% of all social work students. This is due in large part to the superb learning and training provision afforded by our universities’ high tech facilities. Allowing students to train in an immersive environment, using equipment and techniques that they would encounter once they... Read more »

Continuing the conversation between Emma Hardy MP and Professor Jane Harrington, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Greenwich 

Published on July 6, 2020
The Covid-19 crisis should be an opportunity to re-examine how we deliver education, and, as was discussed recently ‘in conversation with Emma Hardy MP’ at the University Alliance Summit, a chance to use our connections with industry to play our part in the nation’s recovery from Covid-19. Several weeks have passed since that conversation took place and quite a few things have changed. So we have decided to catch-up with Emma again and follow up... Read more »

Enterprise Stars: Meet the student entrepreneurs part 1

Published on May 17, 2018
...f how drones are use and their future potential. Find out more at University of Greenwich CNPPS: Kamal Farid Kamal has come up with an idea that has the potential to turn the UK’s pavement sector into a carbon-negative industry. He has launched CNPPS, a completely new technology for paving hard surfaces through the use of secondary used aggregates. The manufacturing technology coverts secondary used and waste produced into the necess... Read more »

Addressing a lost opportunity in the NHS workforce crisis: higher education’s future role in clinical placement management

Published on August 5, 2021
...bows – a once ubiquitous sight on British streets – it is perhaps not surprising that healthcare has become a more visible and desirable career choice. Applications to healthcare courses for the 2021/22 academic year have skyrocketed. Recently published UCAS figures have revealed that Nursing applications are up 21 per cent across the board, with increased demand from both 18 year-olds and mature students. They have also shot up for other allied h... Read more »

How we are developing new approaches to cancer management and treatment

Published on February 5, 2018
...e early diagnosis of cancers such as breast and prostate cancer. We are devising new approaches for distinguishing between aggressive and non-aggressive diseases, predicting therapeutic response, and treating breast and prostate cancer, aggressive brain tumours and leukaemia. We are also generating a better insight into how cancer can spread from the primary tumour to other tissues – a process known as ‘metastasis’. This is crucial, as metastasis... Read more »

Vaccines, R&D and the Budget

Published on March 8, 2021
...utions like Oxford Brookes and Teesside, which are doing critical work realising the benefits of vaccine discovery to support the success of the country’s vaccination effort. The applied focus of their research has meant they have been able to use their business partnerships to commercialise the vaccination research, support skills development and facilitate the logistics of manufacturing the products at scale. This has been particularly valuable... Read more »

Stronger Together: Building A University Alliance For The Future

Published on May 10, 2019
Writing for, our CEO Vanessa Wilson outlines how universities must stand together to respond to the challenges facing the higher education sector – and what this means for University Alliance I have spent my first few weeks at the helm of University Alliance travelling across the UK to meet our members. I have loved every minute so far, seeing for myself what defines Alliance members. A sense of vibrancy and energy has hit me the minut... Read more »

Party Conferences: an opportunity to set out our vision for universities

Published on October 19, 2012
...e past ten years. As a result, the sector lacks clarity about the long-term. In particular, there is no clarity about how and where universities fit within the UK’s economy and society vision. There are many different models of higher education, but the question is what do we need in the UK and how are we going to fund it? 12 months ago, University Alliance started a project called university_vision to look at the long-term future, aspirations and... Read more »