TEA Webinar: Trying something different with curriculum design

Professor Karen Fitzgibbon from the University of South Wales hosts a webinar on activity based approaches to engaging academic and professional service teams in the creation of attribute-led curriculum, for members of the TEA.

8th October (12.30-13.30)

Over the past year, the Faculty of Business and Society at the University of South Wales, have been approaching curriculum development in a new way, inviting course teams, including academic and professional services staff, to a workshop at the very start of the validation (quality assurance and enhancement) process.

As well as broadening curriculum thinking and sharing ideas, the workshop activities lead the course teams through a flipped model of curriculum design by engaging them in discussion from the start.

This webinar will facilitate discussion around the value of including colleagues from professional services teams (Employability & Careers, Library, Technology Enhanced Learning, Student Progression) in these early curriculum conversations as well as sharing the aims of the workshop, offering  measures of evaluating the approach’s success and reporting the outcomes of validation and feedback from participants.

Questions you might like to think about before the webinar begins:

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