BCU research to assess impact of COVID-19 social distancing on over 70s

A research project from Birmingham City University (BCU ) has been launched to explore the effects of social distancing and isolation on people aged over 70 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The research, conducted by BCU’s Professor Joanne Brooke and Dr Maria Clarke, will examine the challenges older people are facing in social isolation, including loneliness, organising the delivery of essential items and separation from friends and family.

The project comes as governments and health authorities across the globe advise older people to adhere to strict social isolation measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In short: 

Professor Brooke, Director of BCUs Centre for Social Care, Health and Related Research explained:

“Social isolation impacts negatively on both the physical and mental health of this age group. Therefore, it is important to understand these risks, and how we can address them during the current pandemic, to support older people to maintain their health beyond the coronavirus.

We aim to develop recommendations and guidelines to support older people during isolation, which will be relevant for this pandemic and to understand the significance of social distancing for older people following this pandemic.

For more information on BCU’s research, visit their website.


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