Chair-based exercise routine created by Oxford Brookes to help people stay active and healthy during lockdown

Academics at Oxford Brookes University have devised a chair-based exercise programme for anyone whose daily routine, health and wellbeing has been affected or disrupted by COVID-19.

The ten-minute programme is particularly appropriate for people with mobility problems, long-term health issues and those whose normal daily activities have been restricted by the lockdown.

In short:

Dr Andy Meaney, Head of the CLEAR Unit at Oxford Brookes University, said: “In order to maintain health during the lockdown, it’s important to stay as active as possible. Physical activity is vital for better physical and mental health and regular exercise will help you develop and maintain your fitness, strength, mobility and balance while living in isolation or lockdown.

“The exercises can be performed anywhere in the home or garden and parts of the programme can be repeated during the day. All you need is a stable chair. Most importantly, the programme allows you to stay safe, stay at home and keep moving – remember, movement is medicine.”

For more information, visit the Oxford Brookes website.

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