Driving SME growth with Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University has partnered with GBSLEP and GBCC to drive business growth amongst SMEs across Greater Birmingham.

Growth Hub is a business growth service launched by the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP) . Growth Hub provides regional SMEs with coordinated, effective first class business advice, links to funding, and business support services. The aim of Growth Hub is to drive regional SME growth, increase local business opportunities and, in doing so, protect and create jobs in Greater Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Growth Hub’s strategic partners include Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce (GBCC)  and BCU Advantage ; Birmingham City University’s business growth service.

In addition to BCU Advantage the University’s growth agenda support includes sponsorship and promotion of GBCC’s Quarterly Business Report – a comprehensive snapshot of the performance of the Birmingham business community; and an Executive role with the Midlands British American Business Council (BABC)to promote transatlantic trade and investment.

BCU Advantage is the business growth service from Birmingham City University.  It has been launched to drive an increase in SME growth, and to develop a workforce with the specific skills required by employers in the region.

BCU Advantage offers SMEs business growth products, services, support and information, and connects them to the University’s academic knowledge and highly skilled, work-ready students and graduates. BCU Advantage also connects SMEs to the additional support offered by Growth Hub.

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